From Parking management to aiding better physical and mental well-being. We have pioneered several successful tech focused projects, and we’re only just getting started. Below are stories and projects we have worked on to impact both people and place as well as what we plan to do next.

A word from the founders

Rob Pye:Tech is everywhere. It can influence our lives for good or bad. Technology privacy and security stories have been dominant headlines in recent years. However, many people today are working on the opposite side of those stories. How can Tech be “used for good”? Ethos are vocal advocates of open data, linked data, open source and creative commons licensing. We strive in all we do to promote collaboration, trust and moderation to the individuals and organisations we work with. It is our firm belief that technology has a key role to play in fostering and encouraging these values in all we do. Working with Ethos delivers social value. It makes more than economic sense.”

Tony Clarke: “The workplace is still catching up with the technological times. The Ethos way of using tech is a great example of the direction work is taking and is going to be in the future. Technology is used in our life’s more than ever before, and Ethos comfortably sits in the NOW! ‘Using Tech To Create Change”. logoBayline is a car parking management information platform designed by Ethos to help town centre managers monitor the performance of their car parks and spaces in real time.

At Ethos we noticed that car parking management is rapidly changing its perspective  – it’s all about air quality awareness, trends in home-working, online shopping, car sharing and pedestrianisation in the urban environment.

With this rapid change comes a demand for faster, more accurate data about parking spaces for vehicle users and local councils. Designed flexibly to work with all on-street sensors, it shows real time parking status, compliance and enforcement.

bayline sensor
team forces logo

The Team Army Sports Foundation is a registered charity which raises funds for sport, challenge and adventure in the armed forces community. Since 2001, we have donated over £9M to improve health, wellbeing and recovery. We help the best get better.

The success of the foundation is based on a strong online presence to engage new sponsors and promote the benefits to wider society.


team forces logo

Supporting this, we have developed a tech model to manage social media, financials, fundraising and compliance all within the remit of the Social Value Act and its requirements for public sector procurement. Our model now enables a social value analysis report defining quantifiable benefits and an evidence based ROI on sponsorship for industry.

noggin hub logo Noggin Hub was created to bring the power of data analysis to place management. In short, we help decision-makers plan and execute their choices with firm evidence and clear cases for success. The hub provides a secure platform and dashboard where all data for your region, large or small can be catalogued, analysed and shared.

Our latest offering, Noggin Property was developed in partnership with a number of Business Improvement Districts and local authorities as well as the Mayor of London Resilience Fund to provide the very best insights into the local property situation. It allows stakeholders to capture data in the field or at the desk and links to national benchmarking data, offering customised reporting and visualisation.

Noggin Property offers the flexibility to categorise and connect data from multiple sources and show real time views and bespoke reporting of the property landscape to all interested stakeholders.

noggin property map

SkillsPlanner aims to help industry, employers, councils, trainers and ultimately individual workers to collaborate and share data to enable effective planning for future employment needs.

skillsplanner logo

It is based on a cutting edge Linked and Open Data platform that can aggregate, integrate and analyse skills data from a variety of sources to provide a valuable ’real time’ picture of the skills landscape, mapping industry demand against current training provision. Its ambition is to help ensure that the UK has the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right time.

The two-year, £1.3M research and development programme, funded by Innovate UK and the project partners – Ethos, GoodPeople, Association of Colleges, Camden, Islington and Westminster councils, Seme4, Tideway, and University of Plymouth – was initially focused on the London construction sector.

ethos wilder logo

Ethos Wilder Sensing is an exciting project designed to integrate nature and technology – helping make informed, sustainable choices in land use and ecological conservation. By embedding hidden sensors across an ecosystem, we can collect real-time data on a wide variety of indicators such as counts of species, water quality, and key indicators about the environment. Once we have collected this pool of data, we can create models to predict how changes to a landscape will impact biodiversity and general ecological health. We’re hugely excited about the possibilities of this project and are working hard to make sure that land-managers, businesses, and the natural world itself can work harmoniously and benefit from data modelling.

aspect magazine logo

Aspect Magazine is an online publication focusing on themes of society, culture and the environment. We envision a world free from inequality, discrimination, bigotry and judgement. We hope Aspect will create meaningful discourse around important social, cultural and environmental issues and challenge the way people think for the better, whilst giving a platform to those typically underrepresented in mainstream media.

aspect magazine logo

The Aspect team is made up entirely of young people. During a global pandemic they found themselves unemployed and claiming Universal Credit. Understanding first-hand what it is like to be unemployed with few opportunities, we hope the magazine can be a platform for creatives to showcase their work.

team police and 1teamactive logos

TeamPolice is the fundraising body for police sport in the UK. It is a joint venture between Police Sport UK and Ethos VO Limited. Our offering here is not only for the project setup and management but to set up their tech stack from website to data basing.

Alongside TeamPolice, we now manage the online platform and associated app for 1TeamActive, a sport and activity programme designed to improve the health, lifestyle, and wellbeing of our Policing family.

The app was built in house, and is currently working successfully across 4 UK Police forces. Impact assessment and project evaluation was carried out by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

We see potential application for this app across a range of public and private sector industries to promote health outcomes, particularly in employee family communities.

1teamactive humberside
ReadTrip logo

ReadTrip is an entrepreneurial project conceived by a Young Leader, Sarah McManus. She is using the Ethos incubation platform to launch a movement that aims to encourage travel through reading, support bookshops and establish an online community for book lovers and travel addicts alike.

We developed an application that allows people to keep track of their worldwide adventures that they have experienced through literature. Our aim was to diversify mainstream reading habits and grow an online community of people from all over the world, as well as promoting a more sustainable and affordable form of travel – through books.

Offsite Alliance logo

Offsite Alliance is a Membership Organisation for the housebuilding industry. It aims to promote awareness of offsite construction techniques driving a new era of development, growth, and productivity, to enable the delivery of high quality precision engineered homes for the future, that connected and collaborated with Ethos Young Leaders.

During our collaboration, Ethos YLs helped design and create a fully functioning front end in wordpress for Offsite Alliance’s live website. We used various WP plugins to enhance the deployment, involving multiple layers of membership, a full landing page, and multiple carousel based image browsers.

The Future of Ethos Tech

We are building a global community of tech enthusiasts brought together through a shared goal of using IT to deliver socially valuable outcomes. Our highly skilled network will help organisations and individuals make the difference they need to in the world.

What’s next for Ethos Tech? Well this is where we would love to hear from you. We are actively looking for partners on new and exciting projects and would love to work with you on things you may have in mind. If you would like you can email us at [email protected].

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