The Commons Fund Community

Aletta Venter

SA Land Trust

Gifting land in South Africa to a land trust in order that people who care for the earth will forever have a common resource to share and take care of.

Annabelle Lambert


I want to help. #everystorycounts #workredefined #systemchange #valueexchange #humancentric #peoplecentric #people #realflexibility #workwithmeaning #bekind #mother #onelife #empowerment

Bill Skelly

Helping with Scottish Police

Providing ad-hoc support to develop our work with the Scottish Police

Carolyn Dare

Somerset Biochar

(Blackdown Hills Transition Group / Blackdown Hills Eco Hub / Trim Plants (nursery) Project Lead: Carolyn Dare. Our world faces a critical challenge: diminishing topsoil and destruction of valuable microbial/fungal networks and the subsequent impact on agricultural sustainability. The loss of this v...

Chris Agnos

The Library Economy (TLE)

Envision a community where the traditional concept of ownership is transcended by a more collaborative, shared model of accessing resources. This is the essence of TLE, an innovative economic paradigm that extends the familiar model of public libraries to encompass a wide array of goods and services...

Christopher Broadbent

Planet Earth Games

Planet Earth Games was created in 2019 bringing together sport and physical activity with sustainability. The path to decarbonise and environmental sustainability requires massive collective action. Nothing is as powerful as sport in generating passion and bringing people together in a shared cause ...

Geoff Carss

Wilder Sensing

The venture mission is to better understand how biodiversity is changing through analysing vast quantities of soundscape audio using AI identifying which species are present. Sites will generate over a million species level records per year providing ecologists, land managers and investors a much be...

Giovanni Gambacorta

Supportive Citizen Credit System

The SCCS facilitates community-driven economic growth by matching local needs with local providers, ensuring a high success rate for investments and promoting individual and communal well-being. It emphasises a mutualistic, locally-focused approach to enable autonomy, prosperity, and societal chang...

Guy Standing

TCF Advisor

Guy Standing FAcSS is a British labour economist. He is a professor of development studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and a co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network.

Haleem Clift

Young Leaders

Speaker, film maker, young person influencer. B2M Productions is a creative youth-based media company dedicated to enhancing the well-being of young men through impactful digital content. We craft narratives addressing mental, emotional, and physical health, acknowledging concerning statistics on is...

Hugo Mathecowitsch

Tools for the Commons

Open Governance Protocol
Regenerating access to public goods & services, enabling abundance and unparalleled freedom.

Jenny Andersson

Really Regenerative

Our mission is to reconnect people to the place in which they live and work, and to help communities, projects and businesses find ways to bring a regenerative economy into being.

We exist to help you drive change towards revitalised communities, regenerative economies...

Jenny Lawrence

Ethos Finances

As it says on the tin! Making something potentially complex and challenging drift into a seamless and hassle free horizon!

Jimmy Paul

The Scottish Violence Reduction Unit

The VRU unit is part of Police Scotland. Their mission is to reduce violence. Jimmy would like to put together a young persons governing board of 8-12 young people with “lived experience”. Their role would inform stakeholders (police, charities, government, business) of “what works” through the eyes...

Lady Val Corbett

Returning Citizens

Jobs are crucial to people released from prison. UK reoffending rate – highest in Western Europe - is around 50% but falls to 19% when they are employed so charities and social enterprise members of the Corbett Network focus on jobs for their service users.. We look for funding for 6-12 people to gi...

Maggi Philbin


We run lively initiatives with a supporting Award scheme to inspire 15,000 young innovators of the future each year. We support teenagers in gaining skills, experiences and connections to guide them into contemporary careers and give everyone the chance to reach their full potential. We work collabo...

Mayssam Daaboul

The 4th Sector - Lebanon

With 6 international partners, The 4th sector Lebanon aims to use Blockchain to empower local communities to run their civic infrastructure. Enabling peers to manage their water, energy, waste management and other civic needs on a municipal level - This project is managed by Carpe Verum.

Michael Haupt

The Valley of Grace

Situated 90 minutes from Cape Town, South Africa, stands as a groundbreaking action research initiative committed to sustainable, denizen-led transformation, which includes ecological and cultural forgiveness and deep reparations. This living laboratory and learning hub, rooted in indigenous princip...

Michel Bauwens


Michel has know Rob and Annabelle for many years during the development of the Ethos model over the past 15 years. Rob has only once met Michel in person when he attended the a course at the Schumacher College in Taunton. Michel has deep insights concerning the transition we a facing and he is a key...

Muzamil Baig

co-Founder, Project DEEP

Been in the social sector for the past 3.5 years, most of which he has spent working with communities to set up self-designed learning spaces within rural & tribal villages both locally & internationally. Driven by freedom of choice he has co-founded Project DEEP to fight the war against pov...

Pankhuri Shah

co-Founder, Project DEEP

moved to the development sector after half a decade in private-sector consulting at BDO India. In her 3.5 years at Dasra, she provided capacity building to NGOs and played a leading role in the collaborative on labour rights. Her aspiration to work more closely on the ground with those who are denie...

Phil Atkinson


4wardFutures is a registered charity working in England and Wales, committed to revolutionising the landscape of careers education. A Warrington-based charity with a primary focus on empowering young individuals from diverse backgrounds, we aim to equip them with the tools necessary to navigate and...

Robert Pye


Rob left EY in 1999 with colleagues Annabelle and Tony to discover less bureaucratic forms of organisations that put people and planet wellbeing at the center of things. Over two decades they are still experimenting and innovating now through The Commons Fund

Srinjay Sengupta

Strong track record of founding and nurturing successful business start-ups as well as working in operating and senior advisory roles at global tech corporations

Steve Latchem


Self confessed "Ethos Superfan", steve has advised Ethos informally for many years since he worked with Rob in Thales whilst he was working in Mastek.

Tony Clarke

Wisdom and knowledge

I help Rob and Annabelle on an almost weekly basis reflect and chart the next choppy waters. I've worked with Rob since the mid 90s when we were both in the same team in EY