The Commons Fund

Supporters Community

There are MANY ways in which people can support The Commons Fund. As well as Funders and Projects, we are actively looking to expand our network of Strategic Partners and Volunteers.

Join Us – We need your help!


Strategic Partners

We are building our network of Strategic Partners from Local or National govt, Political Parties, NGOs, Alliance Partners (Consultancies, Businesses, Aligned Communities) as well as Events organisers (Virtual/Physical)

volunteer with us

We are actively expanding our network, looking for individuals who have the intent, time and headspace to participate in any of many ways.

  • Communities of members
    • Online
    • Face to face
  • Ambassadors – Help promote the project and build the donor network
  • Advisers – Subject matter experts or ad-hoc input
Account Managers
  • Look after relationships with complex or large stakeholders eg Govt Depts
Knowledge Workers
  • Fundraisers
  • Outreach support
  • Comms
  • General leg-work

No time to give… become a donor?

We want to thank everyone who takes the time to investigate and understand The Commons Fund mission and we completely understand that not everyone has the time or capacity to commit to volunteering. It may be that this is you and despite no time you do have the ability to contribute a financial donation to the fund, if so, every contribution counts. Many thanks.