photo: Geoff Carss

Our nature regeneration start-up Ethos Wilder is driving a collaborative project to harness the power of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) for improving biodiversity.

A partnership programme with Eden Smith, big data specialists, was launched in September at the Big Data LDN exhibition where the team hosted Nature’s Data – a presentation on the opportunities for data collection in nature.

Eden Smith is offering ‘Nurture’, an education programme to bridge the gap between academia and industry as a hybrid internship for M.Sc. Data Science students for IoT. The Nurture programme accelerates the graduate journey into the world of data science. The collaboration with Ethos Wilder and its nature sensing project will provide students with valuable data they can use to complete their M.Sc.

Lucy Lynch, head of graduate partnerships, Nurture, said “It’s like a technical playground for them to play with the data generated by sensors in the wild, and realise the patterns and synergies it creates.”

Ethos Wilder is focused on building capacity to deliver thriving regenerative nature and agriculture across the UK. Its Wilder Sensing project will use technology as an enabler to gather meaningful evidence that quantifies the value of changes to biodiversity and wellness.

“By gathering extensive data across a number of sites we can demonstrate how the regeneration is progressing and its impact on wellness. This can mitigate the stresses and shocks of climate change and in doing so accelerate economic recovery, employment and support thriving communities.” said Geoff Carss, co-founder Ethos Wilder. “We are thrilled to be working with Eden Smith and the Nurture programme.” concluded Carss.

About Eden Smith’s Nurture Programme:

Eden Smith runs the ‘Nurture Programme’ which is an education programme that benefits all stakeholders. The programme is designed to nurture the bright minds of data science. We work with universities, industry and students to deliver global benefits to all involved. The post-graduate students get ‘live’ projects to inform their dissertations & provide valuable industry experience, the universities collaborate with industry to help refine and deliver relevant courses and businesses get valuable data science resource and insight.

About Ethos Wilder:

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