Social enterprise accelerator, Ethos VO has acquired the intellectual property of Noggin Ltd, including the town centre data management platform, Noggin Hub.

Under the collaborative arrangement, Noggin will be able to access the resources of the Ethos group to grow and build on its eight years of success in the fast-developing world of footfall and ‘foot flow’ reporting. The Noggin Hub can integrate data from a wide variety of sources from traffic incidents to weather, property occupancy and shopper habits.

Noggin serves a large portfolio of clients with its powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) package. These users will benefit from the new alliance with the Ethos Smart team to enhance Noggin’s customer support, data collection, research and development capabilities. As a result, Noggin and Ethos will be able to offer enhanced capacity to their respective customer bases of local authority town and place managers.

Noggin’s founder and CEO, Sven Latham says

“We have found that local authorities lack the ability to do the research and data collection to maximise the full potential of the tool. One major problem is that information about occupation of commercial premises is surprisingly disparate. With its suite of place management products Ethos is the perfect resource to help us build our capacity to deliver a more powerful solution for place managers in towns and cities in the UK.”

Noggin will be complimented by activities in the Ethos Smart portfolio of projects currently in development and acceleration:

Smart Guildford – a full-scale demonstrator of the world’s largest multi-asset parking and retail monitoring system. Fixed and mobile sensors in car parks and key shopping streets deliver live information to businesses and local government, 24 hours a day. This data allows shoppers to find parking, retailers to gain valuable insights and authorities to better understand how to develop and maintain a thriving town centre. – a pioneering project funded by Innovate UK that will help the UK’s towns and cities build back better after Covid-19. Ethos is partnering with Guildford Borough Council and ecollective to design a new technology that will enable local authorities to support truly sustainable development. The initiative, ‘A city-led recovery through Total Impact Visibility’ – addresses the need to manage economic growth that is inclusive, responsible, and lasting.

Spin-off projects powered by the Ethos support team include GEOmii, a real time parking space availability system which curates data from multiple sources and predictive analytics to help citizens find the parking they need when they want it.

Robert Pye is the co-founder and lead partner in the Ethos group. He says,

“Sven Latham has been closely involved in the Ethos collective since 2018. He has been instrumental in a number of our data technology breakthroughs working both as a subcontractor and a partner. We are delighted that he has placed confidence in our model of collective enterprise to the point of investing the future of Noggin with us. We are all excited to see what our resource team of data scientists and entrepreneurs can inject for Sven and Noggin. More importantly, we look forward to being able to help Noggin realise its potential to deliver positive change for local authorities and their residents.”

For more information contact Wayne Edwards or Sven Latham on [email protected]

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Noggin Ltd is a software development and consultancy service providing expertise in data analysis and collection to support place managers in their work.


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