The Ethos Place technology team behind the Noggin project has just completed a major product development sprint.

Noggin Property was selected to work on the Activating High Streets Challenge* – working with Ealing Borough Council.

It was very hard work but we have developed the potential of our product and services to benefit the people who need our help the most: local councils, high streets, town centre managers, place managers, Business Improvement Districts and retailers.

I recorded this end of project video:

Before this challenge, Noggin Property was an idea we’d built to beta level with some input from a number of collaborators – mainly town centre BIDs and local authorities facing specific challenges to their high street economies.

We needed this challenge to push us from development to a fully commercial product which is ready to meet the high street challenge, post pandemic. The short turnaround created both excitement and challenge and the momentum this created has been extraordinary.

The Noggin team has been fortunate to be able to draw upon the talents of a group of Young Leaders who have gone beyond our expectation with the data collection, coding, software development and testing, to get everything completed.

Noggin Property has now been developed as a fully commercialisable standalone product  – a complete web-based property toolkit giving a comprehensive view of high street properties in a given location:

New innovations

  • The ability to create an occupancy storyline for every property using photo records
  • Instantly-generated easy-to-read reports which can visualise High Street changes at any point in time
  • Clearly annotated mapping

We are grateful to a team of Young Leaders on our Kickstart programme for all the work they put in:  Elliot, Lewis, Fraser, Lucy, Cara, Richard, Iqbal, Ines, Nick and Mowafak. It was great to see their ideas come to fruition so quickly in this development sprint and leave their six month placement with us having contributed to a service that is truly scalable, transferable and adaptable across hundreds of towns, cities and high streets.

Thanks to the work with London Borough of Ealing, we’re now able to offer a 14 day trial of Noggin Property App for any town, city or high street.

For more information on Noggin Property, an Ethos Place project,  please visit

(*) The Activating High Streets Challenge was funded by the Mayor of London’s Resilience Fund and is a response to the pandemic. For a full project report read my blog on the Noggin website

Toyubur Rahman FIPM, Ethos Partner, Noggin

Toyubur is a passionate professional and an industry expert in Place Management, urban regeneration, town planning, partnership development, business improvement districts and evening economy; with a proven track record of successfully implementing projects to improve town centres. He is currently practicing Economic Development, Growth and Place in Chichester and was recently appointed to the High Street Task Force as an expert advisor and a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management.