Tell us a little bit about yourself – what is your ‘why’?

I graduated in 2019 with a Msci International Relations and Global Issues from The University of Nottingham. I have a passion for learning about different cultures and societies and was lucky enough to study in Tokyo, Japan in my second year of university.

My passion lies in empowering people and working towards a society free from inequality and discrimination. I love writing and have worked hard since graduating to develop my skill and style. I believe writing and the sharing of information and experiences has the power to educate and break down stigma in society.

As a 24 year old British-Asian woman, I am aware of the impact underrepresentation and misrepresentation can have on an individual’s identity and empowerment. aspect magazine was created to challenge conventional ideas and give typically oppressed or misrepresented people a platform to express their opinions, stories and experiences as well as giving creatives a space to share their work.

What is aspect magazine – your new venture?

aspect magazine is an online publication which focuses on themes of society, culture and the environment with an aim to challenge ideas and create meaningful discourse. We envision a world free from bigotry, inequality and discrimination and hope through the sharing of ideas and experiences we can empower people and give a platform to those who might not always be heard or represented.

What difference has being part of Young Leaders made to your life?

The Young Leaders Programme has made every difference to my life. After graduating I spent a really long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I always felt I was passionate about too many things, and although this would seem like a good thing to the people around me, it meant I couldn’t decide on a career path.

This opportunity gave me the chance to work in different areas that interest me and figure out what I’m good at. Through working in the Ethos branding team, and developing aspect magazine, my passion for writing was confirmed. I also realised I really enjoy working in design and would even consider a role in a design agency in the future – which is something I hadn’t thought of previously.

Prior to The Young Leaders Programme and since graduating university my confidence was low. My graduation day was one of the best days of my life as I had achieved what I had been working towards for 4 years. Nonetheless, after graduating I spent almost a year applying to jobs and getting rejected.

This continuous rejection made me question my own capabilities and experience and really knocked my confidence. Through being part of a team and developing my own business venture with the support of Ethos, I’ve gotten my confidence back and have been able to develop clear personal career goals – something that may have taken a much longer time outside of the Young Leaders Programme.

Name one thing you have learnt from this project that you would pass on to someone else in the same situation?

There are a few things. The ability to network and have the confidence to approach people you want to work with is one of them. I now realise that networking has the potential to open up so many opportunities and teaches you to not take rejection so seriously!

In addition, the leadership and management skills I have learnt from managing aspect magazine have been invaluable. I wouldn’t have been given this much responsibility straight away in any other Kickstart role and it has forced me to develop skills quickly whilst challenging me in more ways than I could have imagined. This experience has been amazing and I feel so grateful to be in this position and to have had this opportunity through the Young Leaders Programme.

aspect magazine launched July 2021. Find out more