Our branding has been designed by Young Leader Natalia

I joined Ethos at the end of January this year as one of the first Young Leaders, when the ambitions we had for the project were still very much in their infancy.

After six months I am so proud of all that we have achieved with the project and I’m incredibly excited for all that we will achieve.

The Young Leaders project has succeeded because Ethos believed in young people at a time of crisis, when many of us were in despair over wanting to start our careers, but finding our paths blocked.

Ethos allowed us to find our own individual routes, to not only discover and develop our talents, but to use them for social good. I truly believe we are creating the future of work and I’m so hopeful that this is my future.

I have gathered all the content and links we have created since Young Leaders started, to celebrate all that we have done and to showcase the stories and positive impact which have been created.

Sarah Fay, Former Kickstarter, January 21 to July 21, now Ethos Partner, Young Leaders Operations team.

What are Young Leaders?

Our Project Page is here

Our Pilot Report is here

Why Young Leaders is saving the future of work

Deep Dives into our Young Leaders

Young Leader Profiles

The first fully fledged Young Leader Kishan

Young Leader scrum master Charlotte

Our Young Leaders have worked together to create a video to answer What is it like to be a Young Leader?

The Future of Work series is a collaboration between Harry, Sarah and Charlotte, watch their interviews with Elliot and Serena

Young Leader Own Ventures

aspect magazine was founded by Serena, read their story here

Read Trip was founded by Sarah, read their story here

Young Leader Impact in Businesses

Harry has created a fantastic promotional video for Team Army /Team Ethos Watch the result here

Lucy has acted as scrum master for Ethos Wilder, which has also been supported by Young Leaders in research and design, including their new logo

Team Police has been supported by Young Leaders who have provided administration, sales development, market research and digital content for social media like this video here

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Our Value Exchange

Example of a Young Leader Value Exchange

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