Mentor a Young Leader

Are you someone seeking to make a difference in the world?
We can help you if you can help us!

Ethos are seeking mentors to work with their Young Leaders.

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Are you someone seeking to make a difference in the world?
We can help you if you can help us!

Ethos are seeking mentors to work with their Young Leaders.

What is a Young Leader?

Video made by Young Leader, Harry Rae Smith

How does it work?

Young Leaders is designed by young people for young people facing the challenges of the 21st century. It links fresh young minds with projects of social value.

Our aims

Young Leaders aims to be a progressive workplace where people are freed from conventional limitations to explore their talents guided by what moves them: the urge to make the world a better place. We aim to unleash the power of this visionary generation by connecting them with work opportunities in social value projects. At scale.

Would you like to connect with a young worker, improve someone’s life AND deliver a socially valuable outcome at the same time? Read on…

The story so far

In 2020 we formed Young Leaders. Within two months we had recruited 30 young adults under 25 and deployed them to work on our social impact projects in wellbeing, workplace development and placemaking. From coding, film production, conducting sales calls, devising customer manuals to researching markets for products, our Young Leaders work flexibly and remotely 25 hours a week, supported by our Ethos Partners as work and wellbeing mentors. The Young Leaders rapidly took to our work platform, fostered under our core guiding principles of trust, collaboration and moderation of self interest.

What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Kishan with his puppy

Kishan Chatwal – Young Leader Programme architect

Recruited to Ethos in 2020, Kishan Chatwal was a founder Young Leader and programme architect.

After six months he left Ethos to pursue a new role with a leading management consultancy.

“As a young graduate who had submitted countless applications, I was eager to get involved with Ethos. I was soon assigned as the SCRUM Master for developing the Young Leaders business model – allowing me to play a big part in its early inception. The responsibility was a huge learning experience for me! The support I received from my work mentor Annabelle Lambert gave me a great sense of direction and encouraged me to get involved with more fun projects – I’m a big people person!”

My Ethos Mentor

annabelle lambert
Ethos Partner and Young Leader Mentor, Annabelle Lambert

Along with Ethos CEO and founder Rob Pye, Annabelle has been influential in shaping the Ethos Work Platform that supports Young Leaders and their mentors.

“The energy, open-mindedness, fun, kindness and desire to engage with meaningful work that I found in Kishan, and all our Young Leaders cohort, has demonstrated beyond all we could have previously imagined that the Ethos way of working is not only possible but more importantly is preferable. I don’t doubt that any of our Young Leaders, given the freedom, responsibility and accountability they find through their work with Ethos can bring about similar insights and learning for the future of any organisation.”

Want to meet us to chat through your ideas?
Our Young Leaders are ready to work with external mentors, helping them to do meaningful work. Contact us to discuss how Ethos Young Leaders could work with you to achieve your goals. Arrange a call back:

FAQs about the programme?
We’ve compiled an FAQ page