Young Leader Mentoring FAQ

What is involved in being an Ethos Young Leader Mentor?

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What is Ethos Young Leaders project?

Young Leaders is an Ethos Work venture launched in response to the Covid emergency in 2020. The scheme offers training, development and workplace opportunities to anyone living anywhere in the UK, aged 16 – 24 and on Universal Credit. This is a youth-led solution operated by a team of partners and mentors from within the Ethos group, and was launched with support from the UK government’s Kickstart Scheme.

See our Young Leaders project page:

See our Report to the Department of Work and Pensions

What is the role?

An Ethos VO Ltd Young Leader is paid by DWP Kickstart to deliver a work package which is developed in collaboration with their work mentor. The mentor’s key role is to support the Young Leader to achieve a shared aim which should be a valuable outcome for people, place or planet.

Who can be a work mentor?

Mentors may be unpaid volunteers, may work for themselves or other organisations, be retired or looking for work themselves.

What kind of work is eligible?

The work carried out should add social value in one of three ways:

The young adult should gain real work experience to increase their prospects of sustained ongoing employment.

How long is the programme?

Each Young Leader is employed by Ethos for a 6 month period on minimum wage for 25 hours a week. This may be extended, when a viable business case can be generated to support their earnings requirements. Mentors can work with them for the whole six months or if preferred on shorter assignments. Contact time should be a minimum of one hour per week for work mentoring.

How is this governed?

Ethos Young Leader Mentorship programme is delivered through the Ethos Work Platform – a human-centred work system based on recognition for contribution. Together the Ethos community of Partners has worked with our Young Leaders to define our ‘Work Platform’ which comprises:

  1. Our core values: trust, collaboration and moderation of self interest
  2. A technology platform to plan, develop and record work in progress
  3. A mentoring system to support work delivery, process and human wellbeing
  4. Last but not least – the Value Exchange Dynamic

Concern for wellbeing is at the heart of the relationship between mentee and mentor, along with desire to bring about some positive social impact.

Is there any evidence for the Ethos Work Platform?

Ethos has evolved its work platform with over 200 individuals since 2010.
Some proud spin offs from our platform include:

Lewisham Construction Hub
Team Police
Team Army

What is the risk?

Our young adults are organised and facilitated to consider themselves as a ‘community of practice’ characterised by mutual support and learning. Within this supportive environment the young adults are given significant scope to self-organise, to discover and explore new opportunities and deliverables working with their work mentors, who may be internal or external to Ethos. Deploying one or more young adults to deliver valuable work represents little risk to the young adult or the mentor.

Financial exposure

It will cost you nothing to get involved.

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