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Founded in 2010 by Robert Pye and Tony Clarke, Ethos VO is a growing network of social entrepreneurs who find innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems.


We help businesses and initiatives to achieve valuable outcomes. We do this by getting people together collaboratively, leveraging our broad range of expertise and by applying our unique approach.


We are not like most companies in terms of structure – we don’t have a standard hierarchy or office space. What connects us is our strong values, shared objectives, a vision of a new and better way of working, and communications technology (as well as regular face-to-face business and social events).


Co-founder Rob Pye talks about Ethos

Our Values

As our name suggests there is a set of core values behind our mission to help businesses and communities prosper.




We believe that innovation and transformation happen when the right people collaborate (rather than compete). Pulling them together as a unified and motivated team is our speciality.



Collaboration cannot happen without trust and we promise to offer all our collaborators meaningful value and strive to be as open and transparent as possible in every aspect of our relationships.



When self-interest or profit-at-any-cost is allowed to dominate problem solving, the value of outcomes is often compromised. We believe that moderation of self interest by all parties is essential to ensure sustainable success.

What it is, is….up to us

— Howard Reingold —

Our People

Leading problem solvers from all industries and sectors join Ethos because they want to work outside of a standard consulting framework, and our unique way of working means we attract some of the best.

The Ethos team that works on a project could easily include a past FTSE 100 senior executive, an Army general or a former big four senior consultant, all of whom bring their passion as well as experience to each new challenge.

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Robert Pye
Tony Clarke
Martin de Heaver
Lamont Kirkland
Mike Davis-Marks
Andrew McMorran
Andy Fryer
Annabelle Lambert
Austen Hunter
Caroline Blandford
Catharine Moss
Chris Lorimer
Clare Newall
Clare Richmond
Dave Snowden
Diane Zuckerman
Edward Lambert
Fran Mullins
Gary Hunt
Geoff Anderson
Greville Bibby
Helen Passfield
Hugh Glaser
Ian Millard
Jenni Lloyd
Jennifer Griffiths
John Brooker
Jon Husband
Jonny Pye
Keith Chappell
Mark Stephen Meadows
Norrie Daroga
Paul Wilkinson
Penny Jackson
Peter Feltham
Prem Gyani
Rawn Shah
Rebecca Bray
Rebecca Lovelace
Richard Tyrie
Richard Williams
Simon Warren
Sue Rose
Tim Wakefield
Usha Chadha
Wendy Slane

Our Approach


Worker Bees

Our vision is of a new world of work which is better for business, better for the individual and better for the world we live in. We believe this can be achieved when:

  • success in business is measured by the positive social and environmental benefit delivered, as well and as much as profit.
  • a culture of collaboration over competition is encouraged from the top down
  • passionate and capable people, not organisations, take ownership of well defined problems. This increases the value of outcomes for all involved.
  • self-interest is moderated and financial rewards are shared fairly between all parties

As Social Facilitator Christina Bush put it in her recent blog A Different Way of Doing Business

‘’It’s about embedding a defined social purpose into the culture and channelling resources around the development of innovations that can help solve social problems whilst delivering business growth…. When organisations put people and relationships at their heart, everyone; customers, suppliers, employees and communities flourish”

We approach all aspects of our business activity with this vision firmly in mind.

We share a vision about the future of work which is better for individuals, better for organisations and better for the world we live in.

Our Work


Ethos Network

Ethos Network

Our live ‘future of work’ business model is ourselves, a project to build a community of social entrepreneurs, currently made up of over 90 investing partners, and a virtual platform for 21st century business growth, that works better for the individual, better for business and better for for the world we live in. Find out more at our new G+ Community site – The Ethos Network.

Team Army

Team Army

Established in 2010, and led by retired Major General Lamont Kirkland CBE, Team Army has been hugely successful in bringing together leading industry brands with the British Army, Navy and Combined Services, and now raises over £1.5M per annum of essential funding for Forces sport. Visit website

Future Cities Parking

Future Cities Parking

Addressing the major environmental, well being, economic and reputational issues of parking for many cities today, this innovative solution, funded by Innovate UK, uses open data to allow free access to high quality real-time information on parking availability and pricing for use by both citizens and business. Find out more

Skills Data Platform

Skills Data Platform

Skills planning currently occurs in silos with little data sharing or portability. We are developing, with significant funding from InnovateUK, an innovative online platform, SkillsPlanner, which will aggregate and link past, present and future skills data (supply and demand) in real time through a tailored interface, starting first with the London construction industry. Find out more…

Revitalising the High Street

Revitalising the High Street

Innovate UK-funded feasibility study to address the challenges that bricks and mortar businesses are facing from online stores, through a new mobile application that creates new value for the citizen, the city and business.

Employment Transition

Employment Transition

Ethos Skills is working on a number of co-ventures that seek to address skills shortages through the transition of personnel leaving the military.  These initiatives tap into their exceptional levels of leadership and management skills, and also support the desired outcomes of the Armed Forces Covenant. Current projects include collaborations with Buildforce, City of York and Babcock.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

A partnership with GeppettoAvatars, an enterprising and socially aware US technology company, to develop emotionally intelligent Avatar software for the UK market. Initial penetration will be in the healthcare sector where its huge potential is ably demonstrated by the knowledgable, compassionate, responsive and patient Sophie.

Energy Resilience Research

Energy Resilience Research

European Commission-directed programme to study the impact on future city energy resilience, as greater local power generation and storage capability is delivered over the coming years. A key output is also a collaborative framework that will support stakeholders moderating their self interest for the benefit of all in the city. Find out more…

Making Sense of the World

Making Sense of the World

Ethos is working with Cognitive Edge to find new and potent utilisations for their ground breaking application, SenseMaker®.  Through the web or a tablet app, SenseMaker® software allows the capture of pictures, recordings and stories in various combinations to reflect how a group of respondents are making sense of the world. Human decision-making is profoundly influenced by day to day micro-narratives. and SenseMaker® allows this rich material to be gathered easily and at low cost.

Who we work with


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Business Lines

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Some facts about Ethos:

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% working part-time


A New Way of Working

We would like to shift the culture of work to be less about inflexible fixed contracts of employment and more about an alignment of needs and values in both directions around specific opportunities.

This benefits both employers and employees: the individual can find more work aligned to core strengths and skills and the organisation gets a more flexible workforce who deliver greater value.



We are an owner-managed organisation at the forefront of the future of work with ambitious growth plans.

If you are interested in our approach to work, and you share our values, there are a number of ways you or your organisation can be part of our journey going forwards.

Network Stars

Work with Ethos

  • Become an Ethos Partner. We do not have employees, just partners (John Lewis model) – and we are always looking for new individuals and organisations to work with.
  • Whether it’s full or part time, or project-based, Ethos Partners come in all shapes and sizes, from ex-Army Generals and big four senior consultants, to information architects and retail specialists. We all own shares in the company and agree individual ‘value exchange documents’ when we join, which enable us to have almost total flexibility in terms of when, where and how we work.
  • We do sometimes advertise particular vacancies – such as marketing, financial, personnel, admin and IT. – but most Partners join through introduction or via existing partner recommendation. If you like the sound of us, then why not find out more by coming along to one of our First Wednesday socials, or contact Annabelle Lambert.

Bring us a problem that needs solving or a business idea that needs a kick-start

  • If you or your organisation needs help and you are passionate and committed to driving change then contact Robert Pye. We really want to hear from you!

Invest in the future of work

  • If you fully embrace what we say about an empowered work future for everyone and if you or your organisation could partner or invest in our mission to improve the working lives of 1 million people in the next five years then please contact us


Although we carry out much of our work online, we believe that nothing can match face-to-face communication, so, as well as regular partner meetings, we also hold events for the wider network to enable this.

First Wednesday Logo
Our regular informal meet up for anyone in the network, new, old or thinking about it, to come along and say hello, catch up and hopefully have fun. We meet from 6pm on the first Weds of every month at a different central London location and go for a meal afterwards.

First Wednesday

For more information join our email list.

Ethos Connect Logo
We held our first Ethos Connect networking event for prospective partners in 2014, and since then events have included one in Exeter, Devon.

Ethos Connect Audience

To register your interest in attending our next event contact Annabelle Lambert



To get in touch please email us at info@ethosvo.org or sign up to our monthly email newsletter Ethos Voice

You can also join our lively Google+ Community – The Ethos Network – where you will find more about Ethos people and projects as well as posts and discussion around new models of collaborative working, open and linked data and creating successful and sustainable 21st Century businesses.


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Ethos Skills Logo
Re-imagining the Future of Work
Ethos Skills is the division of Ethos that is looking at the future of work and how the working environment can become more meaningful for individuals through a collaborative rather than transactional model.  We believe that a person’s contribution can have much greater value through a better understanding of their skills and passions, allowing him or her to achieve greater fulfilment at work and produce outcomes that are not only about money and results.
Ethos Skills is all about people and helping them achieve their true potential, by putting them at the heart of organisations and problems.  Our mission is to create lasting and positive change (economic, social and environmental) by ensuring that we configure passionate and capable people around well defined and meaningful problems.
Current initiatives include an Open Data Skills Platform and several Employment Transition co-ventures.
For more information about what we could do for you, whether you are an individual or an organisation, contact Mike Davis-Marks.


Ethos Sport Logo
Funding Forces Sport

Sport is critically important to the morale, welfare and operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces. Ethos Sport is an exciting enterprise which raises funds (through corporate sponsorship and fundraising) for sport in the Army, Royal Navy and Combined Services, with the aim of promoting excellence, increasing opportunity and enabling recuperation and rehabilitation from operations.


Click to view full brochure
Team Army Brochure



Ethos Sport’s highly successful flagship initiative, Team Army, is endorsed by the Ministry of Defence and we work in partnership with a growing number of companies, and the Service sports boards which regulate all sport played in the Armed Forces.

For further information visit the Team Army website or contact Lamont Kirkland



Ethos Smart Logo
Making Cities Smarter

In a Smart City key services collaborate in real-time, optimise the use of resources and deliver efficient services. Costs are reduced, as are energy use and carbon footprint – everyone wins!

Ethos Smart provides sustainable solutions to the global challenges facing cities that will make a positive impact to their citizens lives, protect the environment and encourage prosperity for all. We use modern business approaches & technologies (including linked data, semantic web, i-beacons, apps and the cloud) to develop and deliver these solutions as services, minimising city investment and maximising smartness.

Current services include city performance dashboards, open data services, Future Cities parking, integrated renewable energy solutions and smart city programme implementation frameworks.

For further information please contact Martin de Heaver