The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 66 – Out Now!


We were so lucky recently to be able to spend some time with Shasha Khan, Green Party councillor, youth worker,  chess coach and this week a parliamentary candidate in the General Election. Shasha hit us with a first as he started his story even before he was born, sharing with us how his father decided to come to the UK and sadly how very quickly he faced racism. But he stayed, worked hard and Shasha was born a few years later. We talk about football, growing up in London, music, promoting one of London’s coolest clubs of the 90s. We hear how he came to join the Green Party back in 2003 and how it has progressed to today’s party. He shares more about his work as an elected local councillor and standing to be an MP, we question him about his chess coaching and hear more about his Youth Work. Super inspiring as someone doing their bit to make the change. Everything you could want and more in a local government representative.   Check it out!



YouTube – Episode 66 – Shasha Khan – Keeping to our principles (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 66 – Shasha Khan – Keeping to our principles (click to listen)

TRANSCRIPT Episode 66 – Shasha Khan – Keeping to our principles COMING SOON!