The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 15 “Hell Yes!” it’s out now!

We were delighted to spend some time catching up with Transformational Coach, Claire Borer. Claire has worked with us as a volunteer for the past couple of years, predominantly during that time working to support our Young Leaders programme. Claire’s passion is all about enabling people to realise their full potential. Her latest programme “Uncovering Your Brilliance” helps all people (young, old, or anything in between) to understand the in built natural brilliance of the innate human state, as Claire would say everything else is just noise and we can choose to turn the volume down. We discuss the importance of Permission, understanding that although this applies to everyone not everyone is ready to hear it. We also discussed how life is a contact sport and how Value Exchange helps you discover your own “Hell Yes!” moments. 

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 15 – Claire Borer – Are you ready to discover your “Hell Yes!” moment?