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ETHOS is a collective of social entrepreneurs and technologists working in partnership with one common goal: to find sustainable solutions to systemic problems.

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Current Ethos Partners

All our partners share in the equity and future of our business. An Ethos project team could include a past FTSE 100 senior executive, an Army general or a former big four senior consultant. Our culture allows these passionate and experienced people to take ownership of well-defined problems. Project teams are small, agile and self-directed: co-ordination replaces traditional top down management.

Adrian Segens

An innovator of technologies to assess Smart Assets in Smart Cities; Natural Capital accounting, and corporate environmental reporting.

Annabelle Lambert

Moving the world towards the Future of Work - Championing value exchange, true flexibility and Phun at work

Bill Skelly

Happy, Healthy, Valued and Engaged. This is my passionate wish for you and everyone around you.

Cara Jeal

Young Leader who creates illustrations, graphics and animations within Ethos.

Catharine Moss

Provides graphic design, editing, copyrighting, website and social media support to many ETHOS projects

Charlotte Kinloch

Recent graduate working within both Ethos' People team and the project development of Young Leaders.

Claire Borer

A freelance Coach and Learning & Organisation Development Consultant with Guide Dogs

Connor Rennie

I'm a Young Leader at Ethos, currently focussing on the internal 'Ethos Machine'.

David Fraser-Darling

TeamPolice Account Manager .........Retired PC (Nottinghamshire Jan 89 - Sept 14)

Edward Lambert

After 19 years in oil refining, shipping and trading, now happily helping Ethos analyse and improve things that matter.

Elisa Tuijnder

Passionate about connecting people and sharing knowledge without traditional boundaries. Being bold, inclusive, sustainable and innovative with solutions.

Elliot Coulling

Young Leader working on a variety of ethos projects primarily in sales and business development

Emily Thornhill

A photography graduate and folklore enthusiast. I like long walks in nature, floating in water and drinking herbal tea.

Fraser Wright

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them - Henry Ford

Graham Godley-McAvoy

Finance and operations management professional with over twenty years experience at the sharp end of the automotive sector.

Hannah Walker

Young Leader developing Ethos ventures through marketing and digital engagement.

Hari Kumaranisanthan

Key strengths in business, sports and sciences. Working with Ethos as a Young Leader

Harry Rae Smith

I'm a filmmaking graduate, video producer, video editor, Springsteen fan, and occasional humble-bragger.

Iqbal Haque

BSc - Business Computing | MSc - Internet of Things | All Rounder

Joel Escayg

Chemistry graduate turned Ethos business matchmaker. Enjoying working towards positive social change and solving complex problems.

Katherine Willoughby

Sound body, sound mind. My life motto that meets an excellent work life balance!

Katie Stephenson

Currently working on event planning for 1TeamActive and Spring Challenge, hope to work on other Events with Ethos in the future

Keith Chappell

Cyber security innovator - challenging, clarifying and delivering on Ethos Smart projects!

Lesley Main

With each conversation, with each relationship built - changing the world for the better one step at a time.

Lewis Clay

I'm a geek of everything techy and a young leader focused on the Increased/improvement of Ethos Tech and Software development capability

Linda Wall

A Retired Police Commander rethinking Police business models to improve wellbeing and reduce demand across public services.

Lucy Ingram

Climate Change graduate with interests in social sustainability and accessibility for all

Michael Mcevinney

I am a YoungLeader working within the Business Development and People Product teams.

Natalia Nowakowska

Graphic Designer and International Society of Typographic Designers member.

Niamh O'Connell

Young Leader working in Finance and Operations.

Nick Christou

Young leader who's passionate about digital media and content creation.

Paige Martin

Live music enthusiast currently working with Ethos in PR and Events. Passionate about equality and having fun.

Ravi Kadam

I specialise in Technical Architectures and Tech platform building

Reni Mackintosh

Film and Media graduate creating well-edited projects and portfolios that also convey a lot of personality and charm. Communications specialist and Mitski fan. she/they.

Richard Blandford

Designing Websites since 2004. Director of Suckerfish UK Ltd. Loves Cooking, Food, Wine & Martial Arts.