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ETHOS is a collective of social entrepreneurs and technologists working in partnership with one common goal: to find sustainable solutions to systemic problems.

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Current Ethos Partners

All our partners share in the equity and future of our business. An Ethos project team could include a past FTSE 100 senior executive, an Army general or a former big four senior consultant. Our culture allows these passionate and experienced people to take ownership of well-defined problems. Project teams are small, agile and self-directed: co-ordination replaces traditional top down management.
Keith Chappell

Keith Chappell

Cyber security innovator - challenging, clarifying and delivering on Ethos Smart projects!

Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke

Business architect & change specialist, 30 yrs business & IT, experienced in all parts of the business cycle from strategy to operations

Graham Godley-McAvoyGraham Godley-McAvoy

Graham Godley-McAvoy

Graham looks after our finance and operations.

Lamont Kirkland

Lamont Kirkland

Co-founder and CEO of Team Army.

Annabelle LambertAnnabelle Lambert

Annabelle Lambert

Moving the world towards the Future of Work - Championing value exchange, true flexibility and Phun at work

Edward Lambert

Edward Lambert

After 19 years in oil refining, shipping and trading, now happily helping Ethos analyse and improve things that matter.

Sven Latham

Sven Latham

Place Management, data and tech geek. Sven brings a wealth of diverse experience and a keenness for fun & innovation.

Rory MaxwellRory Maxwell

Rory Maxwell

I want to make the future a better place for all to live and work in. We need innovative solutions to produce effective and fair solutions.

Catharine MossCatharine Moss

Catharine Moss

Provides graphic design, website and social media support to many ETHOS projects

Robert PyeRobert Pye

Robert Pye

Creating and delivering "vision", tech, collaborative business models, linking data silos, leading by my behaviour

Tim WakefieldTim Wakefield

Tim Wakefield

Team Army has been the sole focus since the end of a military career in 2012. Doing something good, rewarding, engaged in sport and people.

Linda WallLinda Wall

Linda Wall

A Retired Police Commander rethinking Police business models to improve wellbeing and reduce demand across public services.

Katherine Willoughby

Katherine Willoughby

Sound body, sound mind. My life motto that meets an excellent work life balance!

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