Our People

Ethos is the Future of Work, Now. All our Partners share in the equity and future of our business. An Ethos project team could include a past FTSE 100 senior executive, an Army general or a former big four senior consultant. Our culture allows these passionate and experienced people to take ownership of well defined problems. Project teams are small, agile and self-directed: co-ordination replaces traditional top down management.

We’re shifting the culture of work to be less about fixed contracts and more about allowing the individual to unleash their particular skills and passions on opportunities that excite them. We believe life and work should integrate, not compete. We measure an individual’s value not by hours spent at a desk but by contribution to a project. What also makes us different is that Ethos is owned entirely by its Partners (our name for those we work with).

It means individuals find work more sustainable and Ethos builds a more committed, more flexible workforce that delivers greater value. Join us

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