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ETHOS is a collective of social entrepreneurs and technologists working in partnership with one common goal: to find sustainable solutions to systemic problems.

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Current Ethos Partners

All our partners share in the equity and future of our business. An Ethos project team could include a past FTSE 100 senior executive, an Army general or a former big four senior consultant. Our culture allows these passionate and experienced people to take ownership of well-defined problems. Project teams are small, agile and self-directed: co-ordination replaces traditional top down management.

Aaron William Fowell

An aspiring Young Leader looking to increase his knowledge & experience in content writing, environmentalism, mental health awareness and more.

Adrian Segens

An innovator of technologies to assess Smart Assets in Smart Cities; Natural Capital accounting, and corporate environmental reporting.

Ajay Hanspal

Running coach, wellbeing advocate, dog dad and environmentalist

Alex Brookes

Young Leader with skills primarily based in graphics, illustration, digital marketing, social media and learning more about web design.

Alex Snow

I'm 20 years old, non-binary, I've only been with Ethos for a short time, but it's the most fun I've had in a long time! I can't wait to jump into more projects!

Annabelle Lambert

Moving the world towards the Future of Work - Championing value exchange, true flexibility and Phun at work

Bailey Thaw

Pilgrim Of England, Strange Keeper Of The Futures Arts. Creator Of The Sound Of "Frequency" . Creator Of The Dance Style "Comic Bruk

Bill Skelly QPM

Happy, Healthy, Valued and Engaged. This is my passionate wish for you and everyone around you.

Brendon Morris

Graphics, Writer, Marketing\Socials and anything Tech! (All Rounder)

Cal Ewings

Young Leader working in Business Development and Content Writing

Catharine Moss

Provides graphic design, editing, copyrighting, website and social media support to many ETHOS projects

Charlotte Kinloch

Recent graduate working within both Ethos' People team and the project development of Young Leaders.

Claire Borer

A freelance Coach and Learning & Organisation Development Consultant with Guide Dogs

Connor Bradley

A young, aspiring entrepreneur and multimedia artist.

David Fraser-Darling

TeamPolice Account Manager .........Retired PC (Nottinghamshire Jan 89 - Sept 14)

Edward Lambert

After 19 years in oil refining, shipping and trading, now happily helping Ethos analyse and improve things that matter.

Elisa Tuijnder

Founder of Sardines Digital Engagement. Passionate about connecting people and sharing knowledge without traditional boundaries. Being bold, inclusive, sustainable and innovative with solutions.

Farah Bashir

Young Leader, Thames Valley Hub

Gavin Thomas, OBE

Interested in how digital capabilities can help people deliver positive and sustainable change.

Geoff Carss

Incubating Ethos Wilder - doesn't get any better than this!!

Harry Rae Smith

I'm a filmmaking graduate, video producer, video editor, Springsteen fan, and occasional humble-bragger.

Jake Richings

I am a relevant voice engaging young people with their futures

Jasmine Hassan

Keen to get involved with the creative industry, Jaz is a young leader who will jump on any opportunities in art and design

Jenny Lawrence

Happy people do good work. I want to help to build compassionate, supportive workplaces and deliver great projects.

Joel Escayg

Chemistry graduate turned Ethos business matchmaker. Enjoying working towards positive social change and solving complex problems.

Katherine Willoughby

Sound body, sound mind. My life motto that meets an excellent work life balance!

Katie Morgan

I am a ICT college graduate and inspired by everything technology believing it will change lives for the better.

Keith Chappell

Cyber security innovator - challenging, clarifying and delivering on Ethos Smart projects!

Lauren Binks

An aspiring musician wanting to use music as a source of support for people's wellbeing. I believe that music has the ability to heal and comfort people in the darkest of times and would like to utilise that in what I do.

Leon Mansaray

Young Leader, Thames Valley Hub. Happy to help, eager to learn.

Lewis Booker

Looking forward to interact, explore and be a part of exciting new projects.

Linda Wall

A Retired Police Commander rethinking Police business models to improve wellbeing and reduce demand across public services.

Luke Horner

Young leader, mainly working Ethos Wilder / Wilder Sensing