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We believe that today’s world of work needs to be re-invented to stimulate creativity, purpose and engagement.

Join our social Impact incubator

Join our social impact incubator


We think of ourselves as a new breed of company – a social impact incubator that is also an accelerator – of people and their social entrepreneurship ideas.

New people and their ideas are the lifeblood of our ventures. We are constantly looking for technologists, visionaries and doers to join our partnership on a short, medium or longer term basis.

Have you got a solution to a complex problem facing the future of work? Do you have a vision for technology in a more sustainable urban environment? We are excited to hear about anything that contributes to a new wellbeing economy.

If you are willing to join us, we can help you flow. We are experts at sourcing funding through our knowledge ecosystem of partners, supporters and spin off projects. Externally, we can access a wide network of collaborators and funding bodies.

We’ll test your ideas against our venture model, and if you are willing to develop your social entrepreneurship within our unique collaborative structure, we will work to make it happen with you.

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Innovation and transformation happen when people collaborate, rather than compete. We believe that the best solutions are possible only when the human is prioritised over the corporate entity.

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Collaboration and co-venturing cannot happen without trust. We strive to be as open and transparent as possible in every aspect of our relationships – personally, professionally and financially. We aim to achieve positive outcomes for everyone involved. We think and operate beyond the confines of traditional disciplines and silos or any hierarchical structure that divides ‘us’ and ‘them’.

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When self-interest or profit-at-any-cost dominates problem-solving, the outcome is often unsustainable. We believe that moderation of self-interest by all parties is the route to sustainable success.

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If this sounds like the way you’d like to work, apply to us online in the first instance. Subject to approval, we will start a Value Exchange Discussion (VED), a unique process which extends seamlessly from recruitment into a living blueprint for your work with us.

We Offer Work Experience Opportunities for Students and Sixth Formers

We welcome applications from young people and students looking for experience in knowledge work. Take a look at our fantastic range of projects. Contact us if you would like to support any of them, and tell us what skills you would like to develop or try out. We can arrange placements for individuals or work with schools and colleges to provide opportunities for cohorts.

Please contact us on the form below.

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