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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Joel Escayg
Nick Christou
My Young Leaders experience confirms my view that workplaces need a massive rethink in how they are run and how they hire as a CV does not show what someone can really do. I trained in 3D modelling but the industry is very saturated and most of the work is in London which is far from where I live. Before the pandemic, I was keen to do photography for local bands but all this had to be postponed because of the restrictions. I was attracted to the YL programme because I think inexperienced young people need a chance to prove themselves and they can learn more quickly than given credit for. I used my interest in graphic design and all things artistic to learn new things and challenge my skill set. I have been motivated by the freedom given to me to manage my own time and use my self-taught skills in photography while learning about design and marketing. I really enjoyed working on the video project for Noggin and the logo for Wilder was a great experience; I thought outside the box and really used my creativity to create something I’m proud of. Others in Ethos have produced exceptional work that has inspired me to better my own knowledge and work. My prospects are really shaping up as my portfolio grows.
Joel Escayg
Nick Christou
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