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Nick Christou

I was born in Nottingham but spent my very early years in Newark of which I have little recollection of. I studied games design at college and unearthed a burning passion that would keep me up at night, recreating everyday objects in 3D form. When college came to an end, I was left with the decision every 18 year old faces... what now? With a dream of working in film and a fragile sense of what I wanted or even how to go about about it, I found myself in a industry far removed from film... customer service. A few months later, I left. With time being freed up, I was back to square 1... what now?

In the loft was a dusty box containing a camera that my Mum had brought a few years ago. After dusting down the box and using the camera a few times, it was love at first sight. I somehow managed to photograph bands for portraits, a record label and even got to photograph one of my favourite bands for a publication. All was going well and I was in the process of turning my new found passion into a business.

Then, lockdown!

Back to square one again. After a few months pondering, I spent a few months working for a local company and was planning to do some photography for them. A second lockdown killed that project off.

Then came January and the NowWhat™ question loomed large again. The question was answered in the form of Ethos. After speaking with them a few times, I learned of their working philosophy and found it matched perfectly with what I wanted to do and my own values. I have now found work in which I can contribute my own ideas and work projects that interest me.