Claire Borer
My name is Geoff Carss and I am lead partner for Ethos Wilder and Wilder Sensing Technology. I have 20 years of management consultancy experience often focussed on using technology to achieve a business outcome. I ran sales and consulting teams achieving high growth and satisfied customers and have significant experience in strategic selling and delivery, proposition development and partnering for organisational development. In parallel with my working life I have a deep and enduring passion for nature - how to better understand it and stop its decline - particularly in the UK.

My Why

We face a very real and existential threat to our climate and natural environment and I feel I need to do something about it: I want to live in a country and on a planet that is regenerating, diverse and links nature to people and communities to an appropriate level of productivity. My aim is to make nature the priority and enable nature based regeneration in 5% of the total UK landmass - so we can start to rebuild our ecosystems and improve our habitats.

The Social Value

I set up Ethos Wilder in 2021 as a consultation organisation to enable new conversations to take place between actors at the highest level. Our first major event was at Windsor Castle in February 2022 with some 70 attendees over 2 days. In parallel with this I launched Wilder Sensing - a technology company to enable investors, land owners/managers and ecologists develop a much better understanding of changes to biodiversity.

How I feel privileged to do what I do

Having worked with a number of Ethos Young Leaders over the past year, working alongside many people I would never normally come into contact with because of geography, interests etc has been inspirational and brought into stark contrast some of the very real barriers that exist for young people. An Ethos Young Leader was invited to speak at the Windsor Castle event and getting into the site quite understandably required some proof of identity. The Young Leader didn’t have a passport, driving licence, utility bills so we needed a special dispensation to get them in! At the same time, I ran a session with a number of Young Leaders to create some business development ideas and we started to look at the Insurance markets and major companies. Without exception all the Young Leaders mentioned they didn’t understand what Insurance companies do as they had never bought an insurance product! Both of these examples really helped me think about some of the issues we face in a different way - to avoid making so many assumptions and to see things from a very different perspective. Talk and listen to people you wouldn’t normally speak to and you may well be surprised!