Claire Borer
I'm Gavin Thomas. Having served in the Police for over 30 years, I retired seeking new challenges. Prior to my retirement I had led a national staff association, where I was at the centre of national policy development and represented colleagues across England and Wales.

My Why

I have a strong motivation for social value and justice, which was probably why I had joined the police in the first place. My motivation to be a part of Ethos VO was the fact that at its core there are strong values of social impact and change for a better world.

The Social Value

I have now been with Ethos VO for the best part of three years , and have developed a business close to my heart, Team Police Ltd, working closely with the service to help enhance the opportunities and the quality of access to sport in the service for all. This is something I had campaigned on during my previous role in supporting the health and wellbeing of all serving in the police, and through Team Police I continue to be able to contribute by serving the wider policing family in terms of health and wellbeing through sport.

How I feel privileged to do what I do

Having left the service and becoming part of the wider partnership of Ethos VO, it has been positive for me in terms of new experience: from listening to other partners and learning from their approach to problems and issues and sharing practice and ideas.