Bill Skelly in casual sports clothing
Hi! I'm Bill Skelly and I am the founder and Managing Director of Tambish Boardroom Consulting, Ethos Partner and Chair of the Board of Team Police - an Ethos initiative that promotes workforce wellbeing through sport. I believe that people should be happy and healthy.

My Why

I spent 31 years as a police officer trying my best to keep people safe and to support the wellbeing of those around me. As I have moved into the next stage of my life, I believe that I can make a difference by being an agent of positive change for organisations: the people in them and the people they provide a service to; and the communities we live in, large and small. For me, total wellness is the balanced sum of emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical wellbeing and I believe I can help people to better achieve this in their life. I have exhibited drive and patience to move reluctant mountains if only by a short distance on some occasions. The world is filled with too many pressures to make bad choices and too few opportunities to make better ones. I would like to see this change and be part of the vision that brings it about for as many people as possible.

The Social Value

In the last two years I have contributed to the success of Team Police and the positioning of Ethos on other work streams such as Young Leaders and Ethos Place ventures. Most recently, I led workshops exploring the current and future activity of Ethos and delivered a list of prioritised actions. Described as a “disruptive thinker”, I was able to challenge the status quo and existing assumptions while retaining the focus of the group and their buy-in to finding solutions.

How I feel privileged to do what I do

I have taken a lot from my work with Ethos. It has helped validate my feelings of positive contribution in a different workplace and taken me further along the journey to be an agent of change for the good of others. The Ethos work platform is centred around the Value Exchange Dialogue which enables an open discussion on contribution and purpose to create a fit with value and reward. It is less of an attempt to fit round square pegs into round holes and more about the peg better understanding the shape they want to be and the organisation adapting to the shape of the hole. The result is happier people and a more purposeful, healthier organisation. It is exactly the kind of exchange that HR processes seek to provide but is almost universally missing from the reality of working in organisations large or small.