annabelle lambert
Hi! My name is Annabelle Lambert. I am an Ethos Work Partner and Co-Founder and I have been on a crusade to improve the world of work for 20 years.

My Why

I would like to see people more responsible and accountable, shed their corporate mask and understand that they have the power to make a difference both in and out of their organisational contexts. This is why I am passionate about the development of Value Exchange Dynamic - a new way of working in teams.

The Social Value

I have been working with a passion to redefine an individual’s engagement with their work for many years and for ages had been talking about actively finding more young people to engage with Ethos and the Ethos way of working. I felt instinctively that if we were going to actively bring about a work system fit for the future of work then we needed young people to be leading the charge. I worked closely with a seed group of young people to help us co-create the Young Leaders programme which has expanded to offer work experience to 60 young people since January 2020. Seeing them take their next steps outside Ethos, transformed into natural leaders - confidently sharing ideas, thoughts and innovations makes me believe that any one of our Young Leaders - given freedom, responsibility and accountability - could bring about similar insights and learning for the future of any organisation.

How I feel privileged to do what I do

The energy, open-mindedness, fun, kindness and desire to engage with meaningful work that I found in our Young Leaders cohort, has demonstrated beyond all we could have previously imagined that the Ethos way of working is not only possible but more importantly is preferable. Working as a mentor has been a wonderful experience which allowed me insights and learning which have proved invaluable to me, my own work journey and the future of our organisation.