Ethos founder and CEO, Rob Pye, has been invited to participate in an open interview about the Young Leaders Theory of Change at Forward Virtual – the only global management and leadership conference dedicated to happiness at work!

Rob’s invited a key member of our Young Leader development team Charlotte Kinloch to join him. In fact they are going to interview each other!!

The 30 minute dialogue will see Charlotte and Rob exchange ideas and experiences of working in the Ethos non hierarchical work platform. They will be looking to share more details about how our Value Exchange creates a workspace where ‘employer and employee’ roles are replaced by a more equal system – adults in a conversation about reaching agreed shared goals.

Our greatest experiment has been to apply our 20 year experience of working with Ethos partners – usually entrepreneurs and other accomplished professionals – to working with young people with little or no work experience.

Can it work? Can you give freedom and equality to young people in the workplace? What happens when you give permission to follow a passion, to try and fail? What are the risks, benefits and rewards of such a radical system? Could it define the future of work? A new generation (GenZ) are already shaking up the workplace with new demands for meaning, purpose and alignment with sustainable goals and better values than just the profit motive.  Could this be the way we harness their energy, passion and commitment?

Join Charlotte and Rob at the keynote at Forward Virtual Summit. Register for the Forward Virtual Conference 1-3 December 2021

About our partner

The Forward Virtual workshop conference is a part of the global cycle of events known as  Management 3.0. It sets an agenda for the acceleration of remote virtual working.   The next Summit takes place in Berlin in Spring 22.

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