Charlotte Kinloch
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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Joel Escayg
Charlotte Kinloch
Charlotte, 23, is a graduate of the University of Glasgow: "I was one of the first Young Leaders to join Ethos. My journey started when I left a full-time job because of the effect it was having on my mental health. I felt there was no respect for me, that my managers did not trust me and that I had no autonomy or responsibility over my own work. After signing up for universal credit and joining Ethos’ Young Leaders programme, I had energy again! Young Leaders provided me with an opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do – work for an entrepreneurial organisation that focuses on doing good things for people. As part of the operations team I have come up with ways to streamline recruitment processes. Young Leaders has given me the platform and the community to be myself at work which is something that I think is hugely underestimated. My confidence has grown massively and I now have a lot to contribute in the workplace. My mental wellbeing has also been significantly better since starting at Ethos as a Young Leader and I hope to stay with Ethos for the foreseeable future.
Joel Escayg
Charlotte Kinloch
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    Helping Ethos communicate their vision of a kinder, safer work place for all and doing work of environmental and social value.

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