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Hi. My name is Trevor and I am the Founder & CEO of Rise Coaching & Mentoring and Founder & CEO of the ELEVATE Youth Mentoring Programme. I'm also a Partner at EthosVO - helping to create sustainable solutions to some of society's most complex challenges.

My Why

Since a young age, my 'why' has changed several times; where, my passions and interests have changed over time. My 'Why' today is to motivate, educate and inspire others so they can go on to reach their potential and follow their dreams. I am able to fulfil my 'why' whilst working full-time, pursuing my own corporate career and following my own entrepreneurial journey.

The Social Value

At Ethos, I have two key roles. One of which is to provide mentorship to young people in the organisation on the 'Young Leaders' Programme; particularly those who are not sure of what their next steps might be after Ethos. Therefore, I look to support them on their journey by exploring with them their career goals and the steps needed to get there. My other role is to support the organisation's leaders in creating business opportunities that can benefit Ethos products/services including the upscaling of the 'Young Leaders' Programme. Outside of Ethos, I am heavily involved in a wide-range of volunteering. I am the Founder & CEO of the Award-winning ELEVATE Youth Mentoring Programme which aims to equip young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills, knowledge and experiences needed for the world of work, further and higher education. We've made a huge impact on over 10,000 young people during the pandemic; which led to Royal Recognition and a 'Points of Light' Award from the UK Prime Minister. Most recently, we've been working with young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to support them on their next steps.

How I feel privileged to do what I do

I feel privileged to do what I do because of the impact I have been able to make. Through my mentorship many young people have found their 'why' and gone on to achieve great things. I feel grateful for being able to play a small part in many success stories where young people lacked direction and the support needed but now are on the path to success. Working with young people is a real privilege in itself - particularly in today's world where young people have been so strong during a highly competitive labour market and having to deal with the challenges of a pandemic.