The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 63 – Be part of the solution


Delighted to be back sharing another podcast, another story. This time it’s Giovanni Gambacorta, based in Belgium and working to deliver a different and community-led economy, a “Supportive Citizen Credit System”. In this story Giovanni shared how as a child witnessing a spectacular light show set to classical music, this turned out to be TV coverage of  the first Gulf War, and in that moment how he began to question what and how information was being shared via TV and led to his participation in anti-war peace demonstrations in his late teens and early adulthood. He shares a wonderful moment of how being 16 collided with reading Brave New World, 1984 and watching The Matrix and Fight Club, enough to get anyone thinking about  the future. His journey has led him to think very deeply about many things, often stripping back all ideology and as he describes it, getting back to the physics, in particular asking the question What is Money? And finding the answer to be,  it’s a simple translator of value. We also hear about his journey moving away from the horizontal silos of the Left and Right and beginning  to view things more vertically, seeing the grassroots up to the elite and understanding he wants to be part of the solution for what a shared prosperity might look like, leading to today’s Supportive Citizen Credit System. Certainly a story to get you thinking and as Giovanni says the main problem for folks looking to experiment in what a new world might be shaped is to simply just get going, we can only learn if we try. Plus, as always, much much more. Check it out!


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TRANSCRIPT Episode 63 – Giovanni Gambacorta – We can all be part of the solution COMING SOON!