The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 59 – Time to be heard!


Excited to share with you this week our recent podcast recording with Zack Polanski, Deputy Leader of the Green Party in England and Wales currently, also a member of the London Assembly. After sharing his recent delight at attending a Westminster event for 2000+ schools kids and being energised by such a positive engagement with young people, Zack takes us through the importance of human connection behind the many differences of opinion he faces daily in politics before going right back to being schooled in a faith school, where he had little or no interest in politics but already found himself motivated, as a bit of a rebel, to support the underdogs in his community. As a child he was encouraged to participate in drama, which led him to Manchester Youth Theatre, an experience that changed his life. Having learned of and studied the Theatre of the Oppressed, then participating in fascinating Immersive theatre, the interaction between politics and theatre became clear and his experience helped him understand the importance of bringing people’s voices to the chamber. Zack also shares with us the need to ensure connection between the micro and the macro and why he remains hopeful in the face of a status quo that cannot sustain itself. Plus much much more.  Check it out!



Youtube video – Episode 59 – Zack Polanski – Giving voice to the people (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 59 – Zack Polanski – Giving voice to the people (click to listen)

TRANSCRIPT Episode 59 – Zack Polanski – Giving voice to the people COMING SOON!