The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 58 – Freeing the land!


It is wonderful this week to share the story of Aletta Venter, a retired biodynamic agriculture farmer in South Africa. Starting with growing up at the height of apartheid, where her father was a political journalist and it was extremely difficult to get away from all the hideous ways in which humans were treating other humans. In her words, she was disgusted and lost faith in humanity, so much so, when old enough she decided to try and get as far away from humans as possible and so began her journey into farming and the stewardship of the land. We talked about her first-hand experiences of the objectified ways those working the land were treated,  her discovery of biodynamic agriculture,  the history of enclosure, her frustration with the law, how land is not a commodity for sale, much like air, and her journey to freeing land she inherited by creating a Land Trust and ultimately creating a way it can be stewarded by those who really have a connection with the earth and want to work with it and take care of it. There is a lot to think about here. A lot to inspire. Imagine a world where no one owned the land and we all did our piece to look after it.

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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 58 – Aletta Venter – Liberating the capital buried in the land COMING SOON!