The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 57 – Doing Good!


Really lovely to chat this week with Lou Perkins. Lou is primarily a coach, who also works with the Club of Doing Well and Doing Good, which is where we first met. We hear from Lou how “People” has emerged as a golden thread throughout her life, we hear about the influence of teaching and service embedded by her childhood. She tells us about music, working with her brother and acknowledging the need to manage that relationship from the outset so as not to destroy strong family relationships. We talk about the decision she made to ensure she spent enough time with her child, she offers advice about the benefits of therapy for helping people move on more quickly. We also discuss how everything might really be about People and how organisations by really putting people first might be the most socially valuable contribution they can make. Plus much much more.   Check it out!


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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 57 – Lou Perkins – Just notice, and then be curious about why? COMING SOON!