The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 55 – Out now!


Delighted this week to have been chatting with Michael Haupt and hearing his inspiring story from spending many years working in mobile technology, a job which enabled him  to travel the world extensively. He talks about the out of body experience he encountered whilst backpacking, an experience which communicated with him so strongly about what the future was going to look like that he then began his many year journey to help people experience and accept the difficult societal and planetary transition we are already in, whilst maintaining hope, confidence and full of ideas for what a better future can be. It was when Michael came to visit the Valley of Grace (South Africa) that he was revisited by his vision and has been working ever since to understand the complexity of humans in the valley, help people accept what’s emerging and looking to cultivate those circumstances, with restoration of the hydrological cycle at the centre of the activity in the valley but most definitely understanding human participation in making the local society successful and sustainable. Check it out!


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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 55 – Michael Haupt – Hope, confidence and a vision for transition COMING SOON!