The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 54 – Out now!


Excited to be talking with Mayssam Daaboul this week. Mayssam, an Ethical Economist,  is based in Lebanon and for many years has been researching and working to create a more peer to peer world. At a young age, Mayssam talks about how he was super interested in biology, but found himself moved into the pharma business in order to make a living. After some time and discomfort trying to square some of the ethics of business practice, he went on to pursue more further education, which has led to his current research and practice to explore and promote more ethical economics. We talk about what we mean by economics, the current obsession with financial transaction and the importance of finding and valuing better those transactions that really help society, which often don’t involve money at all! He also shares his strong belief that real change can only come bottom up, and he talks about how he is supporting putting this into practice through work going on with farming and the open food network in Lebanon and also projects to secure the commons maintained nature of water supply and the forest locally to him. Lots to inspire and think about how things can be different. Check it out!


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TRANSCRIPT –  Episode 54 – Mayssam Daaboul – What kind of transactions are we incentivising? COMING SOON!