The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 52 – Let’s engage


This week sharing a recent lovely opportunity to spend some time chatting with Lucy Green. Lucy is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Southampton and has been researching physiology for the last 30+ years, specialising in the first 1000 days of life and the impact that has on long term health and in particular non-communicable disease. We talk about lifestyle, genetics and epigenetics. And having spent many years in the lab, Lucy more recently has taken on the role of Head of Engagement and talks to us about how this community engagement is becoming more important both from a research perspective but also in supporting community and individual education. Absolutely fascinating stuff, so much so we ran out of time but we hope to hear Lucy’s Chemistry Kit story next time, but for now check it out!


Find more info about Lucy and her work visit:

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 52 – Lucy Green – From laboratory to community engagement COMING SOON!