The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 51 – Time for compassion


Really great to spend some time this week talking to old friend and CEO of the St Elizabeth Hospice in Suffolk, Judi Newman. Thinking that one day she would be a journalist, early in her career Judi got the bug for the charity sector and never looked back. Having spent nearly all of her career in the sector, from Oxfam to Community Foundations and today working at a hospice, we talk about that journey but also about the necessity we face to build compassionate communities, how we can all help, the health benefits of volunteering, end of life doulas and how everyone’s wellbeing is key, both the carers and the patients. Lots to learn here about how we can all step up and help our community with compassion, not only at a time of end of life but how this might play out across many other aspects of society. Got us thinking, give it a listen!


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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 51 – Judi Newman – The role of compassionate communities COMING SOON!