The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 50 – Time to make Time for this!


This week we are really delighted to have a return storyteller, the Economist, Author and long time proponent of basic income, Prof. Guy Standing. Guy has recently released his latest book “The Politics of Time – Gaining Control in the Age of uncertainty”, which is a hugely well researched journey from ancient times to today, looking at how and where we, as citizens, spend our time and how it has become more and more governed by the powerful, never more so than today. Chronic uncertainty is driving a crisis of mental wellbeing, made even worse by the constant political prioritisation of jobs over all other aspects of a good life. There is much to be learned from history that could lead to a better way of living and spending our time. Guy talks about the defence of the commons, the forgotten difference between labour and work, how billionaires agree the system is rigged in their favour  and how we need to enter a new era with the economics of enough. This is only just scratching the surface of the book. Check out the podcast then give the book a read, it is really enlightening.



Youtube video – Episode 50 – Guy Standing – The Politics of Time (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 50 – Guy Standing – The Politics of Time (click to listen)

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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 50 – Guy Standing – The Politics of Time COMING SOON!