The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 49 – Out Now!


Prepare to be inspired. We have given this episode a subtitle – Haleem and the Noisy Parrots, a good band name? Perhaps not. So lovely to speak with Haleem Clift for this week’s podcast. Although ordinarily from the South West of England, Haleem took time out of a recent trip to Perth, Western Australia to spend some time with us and share his story. Still in his very early 20s Haleem has experienced some of life’s more difficult challenges, made some bad decisions but is now on a pathway to a better life and his mission to help others perhaps not make the same decisions he did, OR, where they have, help people understand that they have opportunities to accept the past for what it was and move forward. He talks about how he has only recently come to realise and value the sacrifices that his mother made for the family. He talks about how he has been helped by counselling and talking about his deepest feelings and hopes and dreams. We also hear about his passion for acting, his film making with which he is looking to make people think and bring about some positive change to society, how he is taking his story to schools and beyond, hoping to help others make better decisions and understand we can all have opportunities. A most inspiring young man. Check it out!



Youtube video – Episode 49 – Haleem Clift – Living a better life (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 49 – Haleem Clift – Living a better life (click to listen)

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