The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 48 – Essential Skills


Excited to share with you this week’s podcast. We were super lucky to spend some time with Ruby Mir, currently Head of Development at SkillsBuilder. Ruby shares with us her journey from school to present day. How she didn’t follow “the expected” pathway and how early on she realised some opportunities are not available to everyone. How training as a coach changed her perspective and really helped her listen well. And today, working with SkillsBuilder, an organisation she really wanted to work with, how she got there and now supporting their purpose looking to encourage a common language for skills through their Universal  Framework for Essential Skills to better set up people, young and old for success at work and in life in general.  


To find out more about Ruby Mir and her work visit:


TRANSCRIPT – Episode 48 – Ruby Mir – Essential skills, setting people up for success COMING SOON!