The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 46 – Out now!


Really wonderful conversation with Julie Mountain on this week’s podcast. From having a vocational urge to be an architect from an early age, to realising that architecture was not actually the right fit.  Then driven by a desire to design, Julie followed her interest for landscape design married with her passion for helping people to learn, and found herself designing for learning beyond the classroom. Understanding that kids (humans) need to move and sitting still is not a natural state.  She also talks about how early on she realised the importance of community engagement in people understanding what they need from their environment and delivering space to meet those needs. This passion for learning also saw her found “50 Dangerous Things Camp” which not only helps kids understand and learn about risk taking but also helps parents re-assess how they view risk. Definitely time to stop helicopter parenting, it’s not helping kids be safe. She also talks about how she first came across the call for more “sustainability thinking” which had not been in any design lexicon during her education. So much inspiring stuff as to how education and learning can be very differently taught. Check it out.


TRANSCRIPT – Episode 46 – Julie Mountain – Giving people agency over their own environment COMING SOON!