The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 45 – Out now!


It was great to spend some time recently chatting with Rax Kalia. We met Rax at an event he, in his role of Local Events for Lloyds Banking Group, was hosting on behalf of SkillsBuilder and DWP. Rax agreed to take some time to chat with us about his story. Born in the UK, then moving to India at 11yrs old and returning at 13, he shares with us his experience of two very different education systems and the resilience he needed to get through to University and understanding early that your grades don’t define who you are. He talks about his desire to serve the greater good in his life, from becoming a community police officer, “the job” as he calls it, to the impact he is helping deliver through the community events and school children he is supporting. He also shares his belief that we all should be taking ownership of what he can do now, making small impacts and looking how to turn them into a tidal wave of positive change. So much to inspire. Check it out!



Youtube video – Episode 45 – Rax Kalia – Your value lies in who you are (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 45 – Rax Kalia – Your value lies in who you are (click to listen)

To find out more about Rax and his work visit:

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 45 – Rax Kalia – Your value lies in who you are COMING SOON!



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