The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 43 – Hurry out now!

This week we have been lucky enough to meet Johnnie Moore, Facilitator, Trainer and Writer. Having spent much of his early career in advertising, Johnnie talks to us about how by his mid 30s he was starting to question why and the purpose of what he was doing. Finding he was far more fascinated by people and their interactions than simply creating and promoting brands, he began his transition to becoming a facilitator and about 10 years ago started running the Unhurried Project and subsequently the publication of his book “Unhurried: What’s possible beyond busyness?”. Johnnie shares how he was influenced by both therapy and Improv theatre techniques, how we really should move away from “commitment ceremonies” and the absurdity of expecting folks to learn everything via a linear and time constrained schedule. We also cover the joy that can emerge from  relationships if we just make the space to be willingly present with each other. Obviously we chat about much much more, so check it out, and be inspired!


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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 43 – Johnnie Moore – Why we might want to learn to be more unhurried COMING SOON!