The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 39 – Once upon a time!

Lovely to share our recent chat with Josh Gaillemin, half of The Whole Story. We chat about how Josh came to be a Storyteller, how he spent time at a housing association and ended up helping disadvantaged adults. One who even went on who took the work he did with Josh to then become a superstar DJ on the South Bank. Josh talks about a life of falling into things, how he once told an agency he would do any jobs, even those no one else wanted to do, and how that presented him with opportunities he would never have otherwise had. He also shares his story of how a trip to India with his mother went from what he saw as a failed month away actually turned into the beginning of The Whole Story journey, one he is still on and loves very much. Lots of insights into why we all might want to tell better stories, how we might want to consider not waiting until we are 50 to do the things we love and much much more. 


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TRANSCRIPT – Episode 39 – Josh Gaillemin – Storytelling happens all the time; Everyone does it COMING SOON!