The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 33 – Wakey Wakey!

So delighted to be sharing our recent chat with Jacqueline Hollows, Founder of Beyond Recovery, Wellbeing coach, champion for reform in the criminal justice system and all round wonder woman. Jacqueline shares the story of her difficult upbringing, her many years of living behind a facade and coping via addiction until the day her world collapsed and she was free to start again. With support and research her starting point became “we are all amazing” and after taking much inspiration from the prison inmates she decided she wanted to help, Beyond Recovery was founded and so too her journey for criminal justice reform. As a coach she is a practitioner of the Three Principles to create change and tap into the innate source of unlimited peace of mind and wellbeing that exists within every human being. Empowering stuff it’s difficult to disagree with. All this and much much more. Hope you enjoy this one. Jacqueline is truly uplifting 🙂


TRANSCRIPT – Episode 33: Jacqueline Hollows – Wake up and write yourself into your own story! COMING SOON!