The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 32 – Time for a new education

We were really pleased to have spent some time chatting recently with Lord Jim Knight. We talk about how his early acting career gave him a good foundation to then go on to pursue a life in politics, which ultimately led to his passion for education. We talk about this passion and how by finding the right sort of tech, tech that supports the redefining of education, it can really make a difference and not just be a distraction. We also cover how lockdown led to his falling in love with nature in a way that he had not done before and helped fuel his desire to make Earth great again.  We discovered that he is pursuing the creation of a new aim for education, one which instils an ethos of caring for oneself, caring for others and caring for the natural environment now and for the future. We also discussed flipped learning, the diagnostic potential of tech to help more diverse learners, reducing the obsession with knowledge in education and Eider ducks, plus much much more. Definitely one for educational reformers!



Youtube video – Episode 32: Lord Jim Knight – Make Earth Great Again! (click to watch)

Podcast – Episode 32: Lord Jim Knight – Make Earth Great Again! (click to listen)


Episode 32: Lord Jim Knight – Make Earth Great Again! COMING SOON!



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