The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 31 – Out Now!

Super interesting conversation this week as Lloyd Fassett shares some of his stories about having spent the last 20 years in Staffing in the US. He talks about how this is a less than perfect occupation and how he came to find a passion for improving it with better tech leading to better alignment of people and work. We first met Lloyd quite a few years ago, when working on our project, looking at large scale construction projects and their employment data forecasts and it appears that in some ways the same problems still exist, not least the fact that the ontologies still being used are from the 1930s. Time for some change, listen to Lloyd’s story and how he sees the problem at the systemic level and why he’s stepped up to do something about it. Enjoy!


Episode 31: Lloyd Fassett –  I’d do this even if someone paid me COMING SOON!