The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 28 – Ready for lift off!

Super delighted to share with you our recent conversation with Mark Waters. Working with, Mark is on a mission to help children understand their self worth, the value they bring to the things that really interest and motivate them and how they might build on that to reach work they really want to do. He is also expanding their aspirations, helping them quite literally see the universe of opportunities that any and every single one of them could pursue. We talk about Mark’s years in education trying to encourage those in special provision to step back into mainstream education and his epiphany and realisation that that really isn’t the right solution. We talk about how academic qualifications mean very little when it comes to people entering and succeeding in the workplace, we talk transferable skills, the opportunity for virtual working in the face of poor social mobility and the Journey to Mars! And, of course, much more.

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 28: Mark Waters – What would happen if two galaxies collided and other stories – COMING SOON!