The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 27 – More empathy please!

Another wonderful opportunity to chat this week with an old friend of Ethos, Richard Dennis.  A retired Brigadier in the British Army, an early days supporter and long term trustee of the Team Forces Foundation and a man on a mission to deliver more social value. We discuss the important role empathy has played in Richard’s life, from the early days of being a new officer on the front line at aged 19, to highlighting and addressing  the causes of petroleum theft in Nigeria, to supporting organisations in helping them truly understand the communities on the ground, their needs and how organisations can really help deliver social value not just pay lip service. Despite having known Richard for quite some time it was a genuinely moving privilege to share his story. Important insights for identifying and solving the right problems well. 

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 27: Richard Dennis – Empathy and the importance of illuminating problems from multiple directions – COMING SOON!