The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 25 – Ready to Listen?

This week we had a wonderful catch up with Cal Ewings, another of our Young Leaders. Cal was part of the second Young Leader cohort and during their time with us we learned that Diversity and Inclusivity mean a lot to them. They did some great work in this space, which helped us all learn a whole lot. So it was great to catch up with them and find out where life has now taken them and what is there to learn from their Young Leaders experience. We talk about diversity and where the “Guide to Me” meets the “Guide to the Organisation”, why listening is paramount, how we might get to a place where we can discourse and debate in a non-combative way – No more shouting at each other please! Of course there are moments of the usual phun, this week CDs vs vinyl and jam sandwiches (again!)

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 25: Cal Ewings – Time to stop othering and listen to who we really are. – COMING SOON!