The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 23 – All the way from Canada

It’s always lovely to get back together again with our Young Leaders. So delighted this week to speak with one of our very first, Charlotte Kinloch. Now based in Canada, Charlotte shares her story of bad work experiences,  finding Ethos, Value Exchange, resuming her postponed  travels post covid and work now as a community project co-ordinator for a great charity, Next Gen Men based in Vancouver (links below). It’s a whirlwind tour, where we find out about discovering being happiest closer to nature, living more collaboratively with a mountain community in Colombia, not being able to shake an agile way of working and supporting work to change the way we see, think and act about masculinity.. 

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 23: Charlotte Kinloch – A Value Exchanger journey: Young Leader, South America now Canada – COMING SOON!