The Value Exchange podcast – Episode 16 – Out now!

This week we had a great opportunity to catch up with Jon Husband who has been a friend and partner of Ethos for many years. Well known for inventing the term “Wirearchy”, Jon has been a coach, consultant, writer and public speaker focused on how humans are interacting with each other and organising in networks to get things done.

Over the past 20 years he has been deeply involved with the Web, blogging and wikis, collaborative work platforms, and the sociological, psychological and behavioural implications of leading and managing in a networked environment.

We were delighted to talk about how far the networks of wirearchy have progressed, how the world has significantly changed in particularly for young people facing a very different world right now,  as well as touching on hybrid working, value exchange, purpose,  social networks and their shining a light on us, not always revealing our best selves.

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 15: Jon Husband – Wirearchy, the future of work now, networks and the rise of the need to be seen.