Michael McEvinney
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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Joel Escayg
Michael McEvinney
Michael, 23, is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow: "Working from home was a very exciting and interesting prospect for me but the many hours I spent completing my university dissertation from home showed I have the ability to focus and produce excellent work even in my relaxed environment. Ethos Young Leaders has boosted my confidence. It’s how much trust we are given to learn by doing, just doing things and doing things well, while gaining knowledge from experienced partners - learning by osmosis. For someone like me who has entrepreneurial ambitions, the effort required to grow and promote the Young Leaders work platform to other young people and potential partners is an opportunity to demonstrate my gratitude to Ethos for the experience I’ve been given so far. It is a rather daunting challenge, but one I will certainly not shy away from. I am passionate about helping young people who are in the same position I was only a few months ago.
Joel Escayg
Michael McEvinney
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    Helping Ethos communicate their vision of a kinder, safer work place for all and doing work of environmental and social value.

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