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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Joel Escayg
Lucy Ingram
"I have always strived to start a career in which I can make a genuine positive difference and this is what motivates me. If I were to be in a role that achieved this I would be very happy within my work life and working towards this motivates me. During my time as an Ethos Young Leader I have been able to work on socially and environmentally valuable projects. I have done work on researching funding schemes and grants for particular projects that I am interested in such as Ethos Wilder. I have also been part of lots of interesting meetings with external stakeholders which I have found really useful in aiding my understanding of the Wilder project and the Green Finance sector as a whole. I have also done some business development work for the Young Leaders project and was able to develop connections I had with my university which led to further exciting conversations. I have found that being able to work on numerous projects within Ethos at the same time has been really energising for me and has allowed me to enhance my skills. Young Leaders has given me valuable experience in a number of areas including research which will set me up well to further my career. As I come to the end of my Young Leaders experience, I have now been offered a full time position as a business development officer. When I started Ethos I didn’t see business development in my future if I'm honest but with the skills I have learnt through the Kickstart placement I have really enjoyed this side of the business. Without the experience I have gained from Ethos I wouldn’t have been able to be successful in gaining my new position. I look forward to using the new skills I have developed to make positive contributions in my new role."
Joel Escayg
Lucy Ingram
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