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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Joel Escayg
Lewis Clay
Working at Ethos has been a very different experience from what I was used to and has really been a gift! The whole vibe and community around the company has made it feel more along the lines of an incubator of passion and drive and less like a, “Oh guess I’m off to work to be miserable for 8 hours”. It astounds me because I never thought a job could be like that. I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given on Young Leaders to help a number of projects with my coding skills. It has always been good to be busy and I’ve been getting a lot done. I am very happy to be learning and fine-tuning my Geographic Information System (GIS) skills with Noggin Hub, where I have been doing different types of dev work to remodel the product and improve it in response to customer requirements.
Joel Escayg
Lewis Clay
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  • Suzanne Watts

    Helping Ethos communicate their vision of a kinder, safer work place for all and doing work of environmental and social value.

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